Balance aroma beeswax candle 350ml

220,00 kr

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Grapefruit & Citronella

Experience our Balance aroma beeswax candle 350ml, a refreshing and calming atmosphere that can be refilled. This unique beeswax candle is handmade from 100% natural ingredients and has a strong eco-friendly and sustainable feel.

Enjoy an impressive burning time of 40-50 hours, enriched with the scent of revitalizing grapefruit and soothing citronella. Experience a harmonious balance of freshness and relaxation, where grapefruit invigorates your mind while citronella promotes relaxation in your body.

Although our candles emit less fragrance than others due to essential oils, the fragrance spreads quietly in the room. So create the most wonderful experience for your mind with our relaxing Balance aroma beeswax candle 350ml.

To preserve the scent in the best possible way, we recommend putting the lid back on when you have finished lighting the candle. Experience Balance aroma beeswax candles - your key to a soothing and sustainable atmosphere.

  • Can be refilled (Must be purchased extra)
  • Handmade from 100% natural ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly – ​​All resources used for production come from the EU as a minimum
  • Sustainable – Focus on reduce, reuse & recycle
  • Burning time of up to 40-50 hours
  • Air purifying (ejects negative ions, which neutralize dust, mold and odors)

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