Goals & Vision

House of Herbs is committed to designing natural products with a focus on quality of life and presenting transparent products and ingredients that actively contribute to your well-being while supporting nature.

House of Herbs ensures easy access to quality of life by offering products with natural ingredients that originate from sustainable production and actively contribute to the ecosystem.

Quality & Craftsmanship

We believe in quality above all and therefore do not compromise when it comes to that. All raw materials are carefully selected to give you the best product experience.

As a starting point, all our products are handmade. If we don't make it ourselves, we buy handmade products. We do this to support the smaller companies.

Who is House of Herbs?

Hi, I'm Fenja Reinholz, the founder of House of Herbs. My journey began with a deep desire to create products that benefit people, but also a realization that starting with herbal tea was too big a mouthful. Therefore, House of Herbs was born with the vision to develop different natural products and one day offer the herbal tea that I love.

Background on the Country:
I grew up in the countryside in a family where nature's resources have always been in focus. From a young age, I have had my eyes open to nature's many gifts and have always strived to share this knowledge with others, while also understanding the importance of giving back to nature.

Personal Commitment to Sustainability:
Every day I make conscious choices to benefit nature and support the sustainable measures that have already been introduced in Denmark. My goal is to help and educate people about the benefits of natural products without harming the environment.

So welcome to House of Herbs – where every decision, every product and every day is a tribute to nature and quality of life.