Sunny Glow - Citrus & Rosemary

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Aroma shower ball

With Citrus & Rosemary

Create your own spa experience at home with our aroma showerball.
Imagine a refreshing shower experience with the scents of citrus and rosemary that lift your mood. Our eco-friendly shower balls are designed for long-term use - up to 1.5 weeks! When the smell subsides, throw them in the dryer with your laundry before throwing them away.
Experience well-being every day!

  • 100% pure and organic essential oils
  • Environmentally friendly and long-lasting.
  • Releases fragrance for up to 1.5 weeks.
  • Supports better mental health.
  • When you buy products from House of Herbs, you automatically support their biodiversity project.

We take care of both your and nature's health!