Balance Refill 350ml

260,00 kr

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Balance Refill 350ml - Grapefruit & Citronella

Experience a harmonious and sustainable atmosphere with Balance Refill 350ml, a unique refill for your light experiences. Created with care, this refill contains a balanced combination of revitalizing grapefruit and soothing citronella.

Our refills are handcrafted from 100% natural ingredients and we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly approach. All resources used in production come from the EU as a minimum, and we always think about our basic principles during production.

With an impressive burning time of 40-50 hours, our Balance Refill creates a lasting and pleasant fragrance experience in your home. The unique blend of essential oils ensures that the fragrance slowly spreads in the room, even though the candle emits less fragrance than other candles.

Get the most wonderful experience for your mind and discover a natural luxury that combines sustainability and well-being. Create balance in your home with our refill and enjoy a feeling of freshness and calm."

  • Fits perfectly in our glass
  • Has exactly the same quality as the candles in the glass
  • environmentally friendly packaging - comes wrapped in beeswax wrap, which you can use as food paper or instead of plastic wrap
  • Sustainable – reduces the carbon footprint by recycling products
  • Burning time 40-50 hours
  • Improves your indoor climate

Balance Refill 350ml is for you who have already bought our candles in glass and just can't get enough. That's why we've made it cheaper and easier for you to recreate your experience with our aromatized beeswax candles.